Our History

Wichita Plumbing with Over 50 Years Experience


Bowers Plumbing Company was established in 1955 by John Milton Bowers, with the goal of providing the VERY best customer service, with the customer’s best interests at heart. That means over fifty-five years of experience serving the needs of generations of customers. We are proud of our history of service and we are thankful for the years of loyalty our customers have given to us.

Bowers Plumbing has helped introduce some of the newest and most innovative plumbing products in the Wichita area for home and business renovation, repair, and remodeling.  Our ‘Repipe’ program has provided a cost-effective way for homeowners to upgrade their obsolete water and drain line plumbing.  The business, started by Milton Bowers in 1955 has been handed down to the second generation, Jim, who continues the family tradition of prompt, professional service. Jim has a passion to see his customers satisfied in their experience with Bowers Plumbing Company. He takes their needs and concerns seriously and loves building customer relationships that last for many years to come. Jim is known for taking the time to walk customers through every step of their plumbing experience. He listens to the concerns and questions, seeking to instill confidence.

As a member of the Plumbing Association of Central Kansas, we observe their standards for plumbing professionalism. All our plumbers are licensed and  attend multiple continuing education courses, annually, to keep abreast of the very latest developments in the industry, while continuously upgrading their knowledge and skills. We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau where we maintain an A+ rating, as well as being a member of the Wichita Chamber of Commerce. We are proud to serve the City of Wichita and the surrounding areas.
We carry and support a broad line of industry-leading plumbing products, from fixtures to appliances (see our Products page). Whether providing the latest style of fixtures for kitchen remodeling , installing handicapped fixtures for the disabled, expanding your water service, or undertaking a whole bathroom remodeling project, Bowers Plumbing Company is the answer.

Today, Bowers Plumbing Company operates out of its huge industrial facility, in central Wichita, Kansas — with a supply of hundreds of thousands of plumbing parts and products, of every size, shape, material and color imaginable. Our staff provides a fast and efficient response to plumbing work orders throughout the City of Wichita and most of Sedgwick County.

For our location and contact information, click here.


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