Drain Cleaning

We are now offering drain cleaning services. Every home has drains and as such will experience issues from time to time. Older drains are especially prone to backing up. Chemicals can be harsh and dangerous as well as harm the drain system.


Urgent Services: Whether it’s a floor drain, downspout drain, storm drain, sewer drain, or more, we are at your service with our drain cleaning technology when you need it the most.

The Bowers Way: An expert drain cleaner will use cable or other means to clean the drain by breaking up a clog and scouring or scraping the inside of the pipe.

Preventative Maintenance: Staying prepared for the unexpected can be the difference between a high dollar bill and small bill.

The Bowers Way: We treat our customers as if they were our family members. We highly suggest employing our experienced drain cleaning team to perform drain cleaning preventative maintenance to save you money.

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All services provided by Bowers Plumbing Company are permitted and inspected according to current code.