Furnace Installation, Maintenance & Repairs

Tired of high heating bills? Staying up to date with your furnace can save you tons regarding the monthly cost of running your heat. Bowers offers the most trusted brand of HVAC equipment and thermostats providing warrantied comfort and energy savings year around in your home.

Technician Looking Over A Gas Furnace
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Imagine a cold winter day, all cozied up with a warm cup of joe, and you hear your furnace stop… Of course, no one wants to deal with that added stress of the heat going out during those cold winter months. Keep cozy with a heating solution by Bowers.

Our customers come first, so, whether you’re scrambling to get your heat back on or you keep hearing a strange noise from your furnace, Bowers’ dedicated team can provide personalized and timely solutions for your home.  From installation to repairs and maintenance, the Bowers team takes pride in all our work.

Regular maintenance checks and tune-ups in the fall are essential to keep your heating system running effectively and efficiently and can avoid expensive repairs or replacements. Prolong the life of your furnace with a service call to Bowers.

Schedule an appointment or ask any questions of our Bowers team by submitting a contact form here or calling 316-881-8333.

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Bowers has HVAC Technicians ROUTINELY SERVICING the Following Locations:

  • Andover
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All services provided by Bowers Plumbing Company are permitted and inspected according to current code.