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Most people are surprised when they find out just how quickly we can arrive at their home for their plumbing needs. Whether it is a clogged garbage disposal, leaky faucet, or the dreaded leaking drain line, we understand that life is full of unexpected, sometimes unwanted, surprises. We will arrive at your door promptly and ready to fix your plumbing issues.


Garbage Disposals

What we offer: Bowers Plumbing provides and installs Insinkerator garbage disposals. From the builder’s grade models to the high power, super quiet models, we can offer you a food disposal that suits your needs.

The Bowers Way: Does your garbage disposal just need to be fixed? Maybe its jammed or the reset button is tripped. We can walk you through the process of checking those items first yourself before you pay for a plumber to come out.


What we offer: We offer a wide variety of faucets to meet our clients needs! Kitchen, lavatory, shower and tub/shower faucets are available. We have suppliers ready to provide a wide variety of brands, with showrooms available so that you can get choose the exact faucet you desire.

The Bowers Way: We stock and recommend Delta faucets but will install any faucet you choose. If you do not want standard, come to one of our showrooms and pick out the perfect faucet for you.


What we offer: We install many different brands and styles of toilets. Elongated, round front, Comfort Height (ADA)? From Kohler, Toto and American Standard to Gerber and Western we have suppliers ready to find the toilet of your dreams! Custom colors and styles are also available and we maintain partnerships with great showrooms that will allow you to access to a wide variety toilets.

The Bowers Way: We will work with you to find the right toilet for your budget. You can also choose from plastic, wood, and slow close toilet seats.

Drain Line Replacement

What we offer: Do you live in an older home with cast iron, lead, and galvanized drain lines? Or perhaps you live in a home where the drains were incorrectly installed. Are you drains constantly needing to be cleaned or perhaps they’ve even begun to leak? It could be time to replace your outdated piping with new PVC drain lines. Maybe your washing machine drain backs up even though its been cleaned numerous times. Installing new drain lines will all but eliminate your need for drain cleaning budget.

The Bowers Way: Replacing drain lines can be expensive, that is why we will never charge you to come out and offer an estimate for the replacement of your drain lines.

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All services provided by Bowers Plumbing Company are permitted and inspected according to current code.