Primary Sump Pumps

We provide and install Zoeller submersible sump pumps to meet our clients de-watering needs. The Zoeller submersible pump has proven to be a reliable and long lasting pump for our clients over the years. It comes with a three year manufacture warranty and often far exceeds the life of the warranty. The basic M-53 model is a 1/3 HP pump that is often more than adequate to remove water quickly and quietly. If you should happen to need more pumping power, we can custom order a pump that meets your needs. Sump pumps are a valuable investment and that is why we have stuck with the Zoeller brand for all these years. Included with the installation of the sump pump is a check valve. If you sump pump is primarily pumping ground water it is essential and code-required that the discharge line be run to the outside and not into your sewer line. We can give you a free estimate to correct this code violation and potential property damaging issue.

Back Up Sump Pumps

For clients with finished basements, a back up pump is highly recommended. This provides peace of mind for the homeowner if the power goes out or if their primary pump gets overwhelmed or fails. Tens of thousands of dollars is invested in many basements with furniture, electronics, carpet and family heirlooms. It only seems wise to have a back up installed, just in case something goes wrong.

  • Battery back up sump pumps: A battery back up sump pump is a pump that runs on a battery and is triggered by a separate float switch in the pit. If the power goes out it can run intermittently for a couple days, but if it has to run consistently it quickly is drained of its power. It’s a good option for the client who lives in the country and is on well water and cannot use a water-powered pump. Also, it can tie into your existing discharge line, so if you don’t want to run a separate discharge line this may be an option for you. When we install a battery back up, we typically provide and install a Watchdog Back Up System.
  • Water powered back up sump pumps: A water powered sump pump is a pump that is run purely on water coming from a pressurized line. That means, as long as there is pressurized water coming to that line the pump will continue to pump water out of the sump pit. Most water powered pumps are required by code to have an RPZ valve (What’s an RPZ valve?), this prevents the sump pit water from mixing with your clean drinking water. RPZ valves have to be installed by a backflow certified technician, inspected yearly and rebuilt numerous times throughout its working life. This causes addition costs to you, the client. At Bowers Plumbing Company we install Base Pump water-powered back up pumps which do not require that same valve, but use a different AVB valve to protect your water system. This AVB doesn’t have to be inspected yearly and can last for many years without any needed maintenance. It also has the best pumping capacity compared to its competitors. The Basepump does require running a separate discharge line to the outside of the house, but having a separate discharge gives you peace of mind knowing that if your primary system fails there is a COMPLETE system waiting to turn on and keep pumping water out of your home.

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